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Beautiful Radiators is a
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Radiator Cabinets Add Elegance, Efficiency

Custom radiator cabinets are an easy and economical way to decorate, while improving your home's wintertime energy efficiency. Beautiful Radiators .com is the nation's leader in custom radiator cabinets for homes as well as offices and other workspaces. We specialize in products that are superior to our competition, in how they work, how they look and how they last.

Radiator cabinets from Beautiful Radiators .com are custom manufactured to fit every steam or hot water radiator, and to beautifully complement your decor, whether Victorian, traditional, colonial or contemporary. We offer 3 handsome grill styles, 3 distinctive corner treatments, and many other options, such as levelers, cut-outs and insulated tops, as well.

We also offer six standard colors, with unlimited custom colors available. And because we care about both appearance and durability, our radiator cabinets are primed and powder coated for exceptionally long life.

Quality radiator cabinets instantly transform a plain or ugly radiator into a handsome furniture accessory. In a living room, they become a useful surface for display or storage. In a dining room or kitchen, (without an insulated top) they also work perfectly as food warmers – one of America's favorite features for upscale kitchen remodeling!

Radiator cabinets from Beautiful radiators .com are easy to size, easy to install, and blend beautifully with your furnishings. They are also an excellent, proven way to improve heating efficiency all winter by directing heat away from walls and ceilings and into the room's comfort zone.

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