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Beautiful Radiators is a
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Our Radiator Grilles Are Easy to Assemble!

Our radiator grilles are easiest to install of any national brand.
No special tools are needed, and it takes just a few minutes!

“If you can do a '5-piece duck puzzle,' you can assemble our radiator grilles!”

“If you can do a '5-piece duck puzzle,'
you can assemble our radiator grilles!”

– Edward D. Hemmert, Founder


How to Assemble

  1. Slip the two end panels into the grooves on the front grille.

  2. Fasten the back panel to the two end panels with the fasteners provided.

  3. Lift the enclosure over your radiator, square it up, and place the top section in position.

Radiator grilles from Beautiful Radiators .com are easy to order, easy to assemble. And they’re guaranteed to please, in six elegant, powder-coated colors. Beautiful Radiators .com manufactures custom radiator grilles in all sizes! Unlimited custom colors, too!

Radiator Grilles by BR Manufacturer

Old Homes With Steam Radiator Grills

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