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Baseboard Covers

Metal baseboard covers from slip over any baseboard heater, instantly transforming an unsightly radiator into an elegant accessory that harmonizes with your room’s décor.

Our baseboard covers are custom-made to last the life of your heating unit. Each is fabricated from 16 gauge steel – far more efficient than wood, because they reflect, rather than absorb heat energy. Covers are pretreated, then powder-coated for a beautiful, long-life finish that resists chipping, scratching, fading – (even vacuum cleaner bumps!) for years. Our baseboard covers are manufactured in the USA, in 6 standard colors. Custom-matched colors are available, too!

Baseboard covers from Beautiful are a low-cost home improvement – and one of the simplest and easiest ways to brighten a room. They are a leading choice for contractors and architects who specialize in home remodeling and restoration, as well as interior designers and decorators.

Thinking about buying a B&B? Baseboard covers, and radiator enclosures from are an excellent, easy way to make guest suites and common areas more appealing. And because they channel heat where it’s needed, they help keep guests warm and comfortable, and energy costs low. offers three grill styles for baseboard covers . . . offers three grill styles for baseboard covers

For tips on measuring, read . . .
"6 Ideas Regarding Baseboard Heating Covers."

Metal Baseboard Covers by BR

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