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Baseboard Heat Covers FAQ

Q. How many sections would I need for a baseboard heat cover 8ft long?

A. Just one. Our single-piece baseboard heat covers have no unsightly sections that can come apart. Our seamless covers work beautifully in any room.

Q. Are your baseboard heat covers painted on both sides?

A. Better than painted. For the best-possible appearance and longest life, our baseboard heat covers have a baked-on powder coat finish that is good looking, durable, fade resistant, stain resistant, and damage resistant.

Q. Are your baseboard heat covers made from aluminum or something else?

A. Beautiful Radiators baseboard heat covers are steel – far superior to aluminum, in terms of strength and durability.

Q. Do your baseboard heat covers resist damage?
What if one is hit by a vacuum cleaner?

A. Beautiful Radiators baseboard heat covers are strong and vacuum-cleaner resistant –
in addition to being highly energy efficient.

Q. I bought a building, and the baseboard covers have been removed.
Do you provide mounting brackets for installations like this?

A. Yes, we have wall angles that will allow new baseboard heat covers to be installed quickly,
with a perfect, professional look.

Q. Can your baseboard heat covers be installed over existing heaters
without a lot of hardware, and without removing heater components?

A. Yes, our baseboard heat covers install quickly over virtually any electric baseboard heater.

Q. Are they easy to remove for cleaning the fins inside the heater?

A. Yes, this takes just a minute.

Q. Do you make baseboard heat covers for wall-to-wall heaters?

A. Yes – we manufacture wall-to-wall units, and covers that can be capped on one or both ends.

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Baseboard Heat Covers

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